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Permanent Placement

Successful recruitment is about finding that right person that fits your organization. You know the type of candidate you are looking for, but we help you find them. Every company is looking to save time and we promise not to waste yours. We have access to the largest databases and our candidates are the best in the area. They are qualified, screened, and ready to work for you.
At AptaLit our recruiters take the time to understand you, and your company. We actively recruit and separate the top candidates based on your expectations and your criteria. Therefore, you will always get top of the line candidates submitted from us. 

If you are seeking to hire someone for an open position, choose AptaLit to perform a contingency search for you. We are ONLY paid if our candidates get hired by the client company. Payment is typically a percentage of the candidate's starting salary.

Temporary to Permanent Placement 

This is also commonly referred to as 'temp-to-hire" or "temp-to-perm." The client company will hire a temporary employee with the intention of evaluating the candidate for consideration as a member of their permanent staff. The advantage is that a client company can try out the candidate before hiring him or her.  Today we know how costly it can be to hire the wrong person. It’s often difficult and costly for companies to hire someone, only to find out they are not the right fit for the job. At AptaLit temp to perm will be able to save you time, money, and ensure you have the right candidate before putting that person on your payroll.
Our temp-to-hire placement process includes following steps:
· Recruit and screen great candidates for you; 
· Finalize I-9 verification;
· Conduct Background checks;
· Follow through on reference checks.
Once you decide an employee is the right fit, we handle everything for you. Following an agreed time period, you can then decide if you want to continue your working relationship with that employee and transfer that account to your payroll.

Contract Recruiting

If your company needs to hire a large volume of employees, you may choose a contract recruiter. Under this arrangement, a human resources professional recruiter is hired from AptaLit to recruit for client company.

Hiring a contract recruiter simplifies communication, but it also allows you to collaborate with your recruiter on hiring decisions. Recruiter will get started finding employees for your company right away. Another benefit is that the contract recruiter will know intimate knowledge of your company's culture. He or she will get to know the vision and purpose of your business, and can make hiring decisions accordingly.

The contract recruiter will work at the client company, under the direction of the client company. Typically AptaLit and contract recruiter are paid based on an agreed hourly rate regardless of the number of candidates sourced and hired for the client company. Contract recruiting is useful if the company is short-staffed in human resources and can benefit from having a recruiter on board quickly.

Temporary Help Staffing

When it comes to Temporary Staffing, our main goal is to have employees ready to work for you at a moment’s notice. We actively recruit candidates who are ready to work immediately.  We have identified a pool of employees who will be available for our client partners to help keep business running smoothly. If you’re looking for someone to take on the extra temporary workload, assist in a project-based assignment, or perhaps even fill a current employee’s Leave of Absence, contact us immediately. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll make the necessary preparations to have a staff member ready to go when you need them.

With this type of service, AptaLit recruits, screens, and hires employees in order to build up a large pool of qualified employees. The employees are assigned to the client company for temporary periods of time and for duties as varied from administrative work to executive level tasks. Most employers opt to use temporary staff because it offers them flexibility and access to talent.


Aptalit can help administer payroll service for any temporary position to save the administrative cost of adding to the payroll. We help remove all the administration headaches from the process to enable temporary employees to begin work as soon as possible.

If you identify a candidate you would like to employ for a temporary period of time, all you have to do is provide us with the candidate’s name and we will take it from there! From on-site employees to generating paychecks and issuing W-2s, we absorb all costs associated with employment and unemployment, until you decide to bring the employee onto your payroll.

With this sort of employment arrangement, a client company will identify a candidate but will ask AptaLit to put the person on their payroll. This service is mainly used for summer or casual labor, for bringing back a retiree or former employee, for hiring a consultant where a 1099 situation does not fit, or for situations where budgets or company policy do not allow for a full-time permanent hire.