Most Qualified and Compatible Candidates

Our Company and

our Approach

AptaLit, Inc. is a professional staffing services firm headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area focused on delivering high quality staffing solutions for our clients. We provide support for our clients within government and commercial sectors. Our company specializes in recruitment and placement within Information Technology and Talent Acquisition space.

Our mission at AptaLit is to match employers with the most qualified candidates to form mutually beneficial and successful work relationships. We help companies with their growth and sustainability goals by finding the exact talent they need, while helping professionals with their career goals by matching them with the right opportunities that fit them.

By working with AptaLit you will get the highest quality staffing services to meet your company's professional and financial needs. Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. But there’s one thing they’ll all agree on: we deliver outstanding results in record time.

The reason we are capable of delivering this high quality results to our clients are three principles of our approach to staffing and recruiting:

   1. Large comprehensive and constantly updated databases of candidates with the most unique qualifications to fit your general and specific criteria;

   2. Proprietary highly effective search and screening processes that allows us to find the most compatible candidates in the shortest period of time;

   3. Competitive fee structure that we are able to offer to our clients due to overhead savings that we attain by using all the advantages of contemporary technologies.

Our job is to help our clients build stronger, more efficient businesses while able to meet their professional and financial goals in a timely manner. With multiple years of experience we understand client’s demands from the corporate side. That is why our experts become familiar with your organization and your staffing objectives. We make sure that we successfully meet your staffing requirements from the day we start working with you.

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